Hola el student! To go do your internship abroad, you have to learn the vocabulary of the host country. In order to integrate as much as possible and as quickly as possible this step is essential. Today, I’m going to talk about Spain, where Spanish is very similar to our French. Here are some small tools and tips to express yourself serenely during your internship in Spain:

Learn from yourself while watching movies

When you arrive in Spain, the first barrier will obviously be the language. The basic words to know: hola, soy Chloé, el estudente que viene de Francia. (Hello, I’m Chloe, the student who’s from France). Well, I’m not going to translate everything word for word because it’s going to be boring. For you as for me haha. Before leaving, you can watch series, films in Spanish with Spanish subtitles of course, which will allow you to learn vocabulary and especially pronunciation.

Long live the digital: apps to improve you in Spanish

And yes, today we are in a society where digital is an integral part of our daily lives and where applications are counted by millions. Here is a small list of free applications that you can download before you go and that will make you progress in a short time: Babbel, you’ve probably heard on TV, Babbel is the leader in the field. You can learn the language in a fun way, whether you are a beginner or advanced. Only downside, the app is paying (9.95 € per month). Another app is Duolingo, completely free. It offers learning through games or you can learn vocabulary, improve conjugation, grammar, punctuation (all that we love).

And once there, how do I do?

On the spot if you encounter difficulties you can download translation applications like the famous Google Translate (be careful anyway, sometimes the sentences are not 100% accurate) but also WordReference is a dictionary used a lot.

Thanks to this article you have all the necessary tools to learn vocabulary upstream and to be able to understand and make yourself understood by your future tutor. So stop the excuse of “I speak Spanish badly I can not go on an internship in Spain”. Now, you just have to contact us his is where it happens.