What’s it like living in Athens during your internship abroad?

Before doing your internship in Athens, you must ask yourself how it can happen, how are the people, the cost of living, if finding an accommodation is easy … These are normal questions! So to avoid stress, a little recap just below ! GO for your internship in Greece !

Living in Athens during an internship abroad: doing your shopping

You will be able to find a large part of French products, without forgetting that Greece remains a very good culinary country. So of course taste the local products and try your luck on products you don’t know, we made a blog about the culinary specialties in Greece: you can have a look at it. Supermarket level, same as in France with different chains of course. You might want to go to a market (the laikis) if you want to save some money: fruits and vegetables are cheaper, and it’s a great place to meet the locals.

Living in Athens during your internship abroad: the Greek way of life

The Greeks take their time (like the Mediterranean populations like the Spanish or Italians). The morning coffee, the siesta after eating (between 12h and 15 or 16h, you won’t see many people overall), the grandpa drinking his coffee on the terrace, the late evening dinners with the neighbours … If you’re like me and chilling is your religion, you won’t have any trouble adapting. The meal times are staggered: noon around 3-4pm, in the evening around 9pm. Your working hours will probably be from 8:00 to 3:00.

Living in Athens during your internship abroad: the cost of living

Like I said, you’ll save some money in Greece. The cost of living in Greece is 25% cheaper. Prices in supermarkets are roughly the same as in France. If you want to go to a restaurant with friends, the little trick is to order a salad and a dish and share it: the dishes are always very copiously served and hard to finish (and it avoids waste :)). A salad is about 7 or 8 euros in a restaurant. Traditional pint beers are 3 or 4 euros. The transport ticket is 1.40 euros, for a month it climbs to 30 euros. Students have discounts on monuments to visit. In a youth hostel, count about 20 euros per night. For a studio in a quiet area, 300 to 400 euros will be asked.

I hope I’ve enlightened you a little, if you have any more questions: ask us! We are here to help you, and of course, to find you THE best internship in Greece possible.

GO for your internship abroad