Local customs in Denmark! Settled by the Vikings in the 12th century, it is one of the oldest kingdoms in Europe. Margrethe II is queen since 1972 and follows an unbroken line of kings for more than 1000 years! So, let’s go for some local customs for your internship in Denmark!

No stress

It’s in their rhythm of life, the Danes are not stressed! It’s not for nothing that they were elected the happiest people in the world! For your internship in Europe without stress, it’s perfect.

Never alone, always doing an activity

They can not help it! They are obsessed with being alone and have always loved spending time with family and friends. Many associative clubs have been created in Copenhagen and across Denmark to bring people together with the same passion. Like that, everyone is happy, everyone is busy, nobody is bored! One of the causes surely of their ranking in top of basket on the happiest people in the world.

Beer beer beer

As always, a small apartment on this good drink that you will not only consume during your internship in Denmark. They are beer lovers, as many countries apparently (Odense, Carlsberg). No alcohol sold after 5pm!


When you go out with the cops in the city to have a drink, where to visit, museums, ect, they call that the “Hygge”. It’s the art of having a good time with your family, relaxing, enjoying your friends around activities! They are the masters on this concept.

Danish design

Renowned worldwide, Danish design developed from the first half of the 20th century. Functionality and minimalism are the key words of this design, modern and warm! Moreover, it is also the ” Hygge ” stated above, which contributed to the development of Danish design. When we stay at home and have a good time with family and friends, we like to have a warm and welcoming decor! An internship in Denmark in design is the right plan!

The simplicity of the leaders

The leaders, ministers or royalty, travel by public transport and go to the restaurant like everyone else. They live like their people without a surplus! Compared to France where we take a jet to buy a good foam, there’s nothing to say.


The Danes are very modest! They leave marks / signs of wealth unclear and not judged by differences in social class.

So, do you know other local customs? Tell us about it, and contact us for your internship in Denmark. GO for your internship in Europe!