Georgia, this small country closely linked to the European Union, on the shores of the Black Sea is a country with rich, and sometimes surprising, traditions: a small tour of local discoveries to experience during your internship in Georgia.

The Toast

In Georgia, when you are invited to a family party, or an event that brings people together, it is traditional to toast all the time: to life, to whatever you want, but nobody is going to drink before a toast is made. Moreover, it is de rigueur to empty one’s glass after the toast, and to refill it and so on. 

The Table

The tables are always very well presented, with beautiful tablecloths, plenty of food and good bottles of Georgian wine. And beware: it is imperative never to finish your plate completely, otherwise it is very badly perceived, as rudeness. So it’s better to get a refill than to eat everything!

The Discussion

Whether you understand or not, whether they understand you or not, Georgians love to talk, all the time. They are particularly fond of socializing. They try to communicate, as much as possible, and to learn new things, cultural elements about their hosts.

There are also a lot of traditions with the costumes, the songs … but we won’t spoil the trip for you: it wouldn’t be a trip anymore! So, make the most of your internship in Georgia by contacting us here!