Local customs in Greece: often dating back several millennia to the time of Homer, author of the Odyssey and poet of the time. Regional traditions that will charm you and make you forget your name. Wow. Nah, Greece has really kept its festive, communal and territorial traditions and that’s really cool if you’re going to intern in Greece. So, for your internship in Southern Europe, be ready.

Symbolic rituals
The burning of the flower wreaths on May 1st. Dendrolatria tree worship ceremonies in the small Kofinas village of Heracleion County; the custom of wrapping churches with ropes to protect them from evil in case of illness (please do not step on them), the “kazanemata”, a ceremony of distillation of grape pomace to make “Raki” in Crete, but also in Crete and the Aegean islands, the “choirosfayia”, the slaughter of pigs fed at home.

A typical Mediterranean day
During your internship in Greece, you should know that Greeks usually get up at 7am and finish their morning at 1pm. They eat a rather light lunch between 1:00 and 3:00. And then – and this is my favorite part – they nap until 5:00 or 5:30. The dream! Then they go back to work until 8 pm, then it’s chill time: walk, sport, rest on the terrace, a little drink in the bar. But not yet time to eat! You have to wait until 10pm to start to pick up your fork and peck into your plate 🙂

Bye bye birthdays!
The Greeks celebrate very few birthdays. They especially celebrate the Patron Saint (like us in France for Saint Marie, Saint Albert, etc … ). That is to say that when it is the feast of his first name, the person must invite his friends and make little cakes!

Greek festivities
There are many traditional Greek festivals. The most popular celebrations are the Name Day, Baptisms, Engagement, Weddings, Easter, but also the Apokriá or Apokries Carnival. It takes place during the three weeks before the first day of Great Lent. The feast of 25 March, Greek Independence Day, as well as that of 28 October, commemorating the courage of the Greeks in the face of Mussolini’s army, are also very interesting celebrations to experience.

Eat eat eat eat!
If you get the chance to be invited by a Greek, don’t eat first. You’ll tell me that’s the case everywhere! But be prepared to have your plate filled exactly to the brim with lots of delicious typical dishes. That’s their sense of hospitality and it’s nothing to take offense to. The Greek-style meals are very lively, memories guaranteed!

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