Local customs in Hungary, the land of thermal baths, techno and ruin bars. Hungary is full of opportunities for your internship abroad. But what is it like in Hungary? Follow the guide. 


Hungarians are not late and do not tolerate people who are not on time. It is good manners to arrive 10 minutes early for your appointments. 


If you’re invited to someone’s house you’ll probably want to bring a little something. Flowers and chocolates are an easy bet. Note that you should never give an even number of flowers, but not 13. Avoid foreign wine, Hungarians are proud of their land 🙂

No beer toast

It is common to make a toast at a meal in Hungary, usually to thank those present and absent, and to wish them good health. However, there is one mistake that should not be made: toasting with beer and toasting with it. Legend has it that in 1848 the Austrians toasted with beer when they defeated Hungary. 

Hello to you 

In Hungary, it is polite to greet the person who runs the shop you are entering, and even better, learn a few rudiments of Hungarian and you are almost ready to apply for nationality. Also remember that even in Budapest not all small shops are equipped with credit cards, so for small purchases it is better to pay in cash. 

The thermal baths

You would be too stupid not to take advantage of it during your internship in Hungary! The thermal baths are a real institution. However, there are a few rules: 

You must shower before going swimming and keep your swimming costume on, nudity is not allowed.

Now you are ready to live like a real Hungarian. Are you missing the course? Do you want to know more? There’s only one thing to do: contact us!