Local customs in Italy! In Italy, each region, each city, each district has its own specificities. So here are some local customs, or habits to take before you leave for your internship in Italy! In spite of its close proximity to France, the cultural difference is very, very big.

The good old siesta
As in Spain, the siesta in the early afternoon is vigorous! It is part of the ancestral traditions of the country, and we all know how refreshing the siesta is. After lunch, therefore, with more people in the streets, the shops close for a well-deserved rest for the eyes and the body!

No credit card in the South of Italy
And yes! There are very few payment terminals there. Whether in restaurants, shops, supermarkets … . For sure it’s going to be different from another course in Europe! Although it changes over the years, all payments are made in cash. Why is that? I have the answer, but I’ll let you look for it 😉 Hint: Greece had some problems for the same reasons.

The typical menu in Italy
When you will do your internship in Italy, your menu will be squared like this: the first one (pasta, or soup), a second one (a meat, accompanied by its small fricassee of vegetables) and a dessert for the delicacy (a fruit salad, a pastry, an ice-cream …).

Be careful with the cappuccino bar.
I’d advise you to avoid ordering cappuccino at lunch, snack or dinner time. Why should I avoid ordering cappuccino? Simply because cappuccino is a morning drink, drunk before going to work at the local bar. Italians get together at this time to exchange a few words before the working day. Be careful if you don’t want to piss off the restaurateur!

Respect in churches
If you want to visit a church, you can. But you have to wear downstairs clothes! Forget your shorts or skirt, tank tops, caps, etc …) A guard is present and will not hesitate to remind you, and forbid you access in case of an outfit deemed unsuitable.

The showers
In houses, hotels, apartments … the showers do not have bins. The bottom is inclined to run directly to the outlet. Usually there is no delimitation and the washbasin and towel dryer are right next to it. Be careful not to scatter your things. That’s exactly what we call: Italian showers! Surely you’ve heard of it?

After these few local customs in Italy or habits to take, I hope it will make you want to do your internship in Italy! Or an internship in Europe! So, contact us for more information. And if you know other customs, don’t hesitate to publish them as a comment 🙂

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