You want to go to a former Soviet bloc country full of history and culture.


The language
Lithuanians speak Lithuanian, a very difficult language due to its pronunciation and complicated grammar. But don’t worry, this language is in the Latin alphabet and Lithuanians are fluent in English.

Men are on average very tall, the average height of men is 1.81m.

In Lithuania, you will certainly have the opportunity to drink a good white pint with a slice of orange on the side.

The food
With a history dating back to the Middle Ages, Lithuanian culinary traditions have spanned the centuries. Like the food in most Eastern European countries, traditional Lithuanian cuisine is hearty and simple with fresh vegetables and good meat.

Lithuania is the country with the most blond hair in Europe.

An original gastronomy
Lithuanian gastronomy also has a few curiosities. For example, Lithuanians eat crow… with a good beetroot soup and a good quince or dandelion wine…. Original!

In Lithuania, a large part of the population is Russian, especially the elderly and people living in the east of the country.

The Lithuanian basketball team is ranked 6th in Europe due to their large size. In Lithuania, basketball is the country’s second religion after Catholicism.

A relatively flat area
The country’s terrain is flat, which makes it very easy to visit on foot or by bicycle.

In Lithuania, whistling is perceived by the population as an insult or a sign that may offend others.

If you have the opportunity to be on a motorway in Lithuania, be careful, pedestrians are allowed to cross the motorway.

Table corners
To avoid bad looks, absolutely avoid sitting at the corner of the table, these little blunders can sometimes shock.

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