Mexico for your internship abroad? It’s a great idea! International Horizons will accompany you on your internship and give you the local customs of Mexico.

A culinary change of scene in Mexico
In Mexico, expect to discover a cuisine that is totally different from Western cuisine. Even though Mexican cuisine is now part of the world’s intangible cultural heritage, Mexico is still a junk food paradise.

The Americans
Contrary to what you might think, it is not only Mexicans who cross the border… Many Americans also cross the border into Mexico, there are over a million American citizens living in Mexico.

Coca Cola
In Mexico, Coke is flowing, according to the Coca Cola report, a Mexican consumes a little more than 250 ml of the famous drink per day! If you are in need of caffeine, don’t worry.

The day of the Magi
Christmas Day is not the day of gifts, but rather January 6, the day of the Three Kings… The country is 95% Christian.

A diversity of landscapes
Don’t think that Mexico is just a barren desert full of cacti and hills, but in the north of the country you can find snow-capped mountains and Caribbean beaches.

Tap water
You should not drink tap water in Mexico. The water can be dangerous and unhealthy. A good bottle of plain water from the local supermarket is a better option.

Toilet paper
In Mexico, toilet paper should not end up in the toilet bowl to avoid problems with clogged drains. The paper should end up in the bin next to it. Don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

In Mexico, people go shopping almost every day Mexicans like to go to the supermarket.

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