Local customs in Morocco! If you are doing your internship in Morocco, a brief overview of the customs of this fabulous country is necessary. Let’s get started 

Drinking tea

You will often be invited to drink tea during your internship in Morocco. Delicious, mint tea can be drunk at any time, and above all, you must not refuse! Well, after the third time, you have the right to decline politely.


Chill; it has been calculated that on average you can be 30 minutes late for a given appointment. Be careful during your internship though, as the younger generation of entrepreneurs tends to erase this custom 


Moroccans are an interesting people. Don’t be surprised, the people you meet will ask you a lot of questions that sometimes you might consider indiscreet. Don’t be offended 🙂


Read carefully because it is very important: you should refrain from criticising the Moroccan organisation and even more so the King and the religion. You may be ironic (humour and irony have an important place in Morocco), but do not overdo it. 


The land of hammams! We recommend that you make the most of it after a good day of training. Why not try to get a massage. Special mention for the state hammams which are the most popular and the best!


Religion has an important place in Morocco, so I encourage you to be respectful and to behave and dress appropriately, especially in less touristy areas, so as not to offend anyone, especially during the Ramadan period

Take off your shoes

Remember to take off your shoes before going through a door, especially if you see shoes on the side. Think of the carpet 🙂 You are now more familiar with the local customs of Morocco. This great destination is an ideal setting for an experience abroad. So for your internship in Morocco: contact us!