Not sure where to go for your internship abroad? International Horizons offers you a look at the local customs in Norway to help you decide on your internship.


A clean country
Norway is known for its clean and civic-minded population, so you can enjoy walking through clean and safe streets all over the country.

Diversity of landscape
The difference between Southern Norway and Northeastern Norway is obvious, you will find beautiful coasts and warm weather in the south, while in the north the snow-capped mountains will be present.

The land of motorhomes
Norway is the land of the motorhome, of caravans and vans! It is a country of nomads, so expect to see hundreds of them on the Norwegian roads.

Skiing Nation
The Norwegians are considered the inventors of modern skiing. There are some great ski resorts over there, Get out the fats, it’s pop day!

Norwegians Norwegians are very respectful of rules and consider speaking too loudly as a sign of rudeness. Also, don’t try to kiss a Norwegian to say hello, a good handshake is preferable.

Beers are only sold in supermarkets before 8pm on weekdays and 6pm on Saturdays. The little subtlety for election days when beers are not available for purchase.

Norwegian cuisine
Norwegian cuisine is based on locally available raw materials and fresh, natural products. If you like freshly hunted game and fresh cod, the traditional Norwegian cuisine will satisfy you perfectly.

If you like coffee, on the other hand, you will be very happy. Norway is the second largest per capita consumer of coffee in the world.

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