Local customs in Poland: a country of 39 million inhabitants in Eastern Europe, rich in culture due to its multicultural influences. GO to learn about some customs before your internship in Poland!

Alcohol is the key word
If you don’t drink alcohol, don’t forget to mention it, or you’ll look weird to someone. Say it loud and clear so everyone can hear you. In Poland, there are no less than 80 types of vodka. You should know that in urban areas, vodka tends to be increasingly supplanted by imported alcohols (eminently more chic and much more expensive in Poland), especially whisky.

Bread as a welcome
It is an ancient tradition to welcome guests with bread. Beware, this is a very sincere act of hospitality on the part of Poles and it is something they enjoy.

Eating well is the beginning of happiness.
Like when you go to your grandma’s for a family meal (who asks you if you want something else to eat when you’ve just picked up your fork), and then you don’t eat beforehand. In Poland it’s the same, if you are invited for lunch or dinner, don’t eat beforehand. The dishes are very copious (especially their pot-au-feu with noodles) and numerous. Everything is often homemade, even the desserts! And above all, if they notice that you don’t eat, watch out 🙂

Music in Poland
The first Polish compositions date back to the 13th century. In the 19th century, Polish music gained international renown thanks to artists such as Frederic Chopin. Since then, Polish music has become increasingly important thanks to the development of festivals throughout the country.

The kiss of May still relevant today
Hand kissing is still practiced in Poland! It is used by the older generation and is now more used as a formal way to say hello. If you are doing your internship in Poland, don’t get into the habit of doing it to say hello to your mates.

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