You want to do an internship in Slovakia? Then for your internship, we suggest you discover the different local customs of the country!

First of all, you are not without knowing that Slovakia is a very religious country! Indeed, you will find Catholics who are the majority, Protestants but also, Greek Catholics and Orthodox. Sunday is for them a sacred day where they meet for mass. 

Slovakia has always had a great tradition offolk festivals ! That’s right, several festivals take place, featuring different costumes, music and dances, traditions, dialects. 

Children are familiar with religious traditions and regularly visit churches and cathedrals with parents.

In addition, when they have guests, the Slovaks offer acolorless liquor composed of water and plum juice. Warning! Refusing this drink is not well seen, as it represents a sign of hospitality. 

And for your culture, on January 6, the boys dress up as Wise Men and go around the houses, singing Christmas carols and acting out a performance of the three kings’ visit to Bethlehem after Jesus’ birth.

The carnival is a very important event for them, since forever. 

Generally, each month corresponds to a holiday or event, for example, the month of May corresponds to the month of love, the night of 23 of June 24, large fires are lit in the villages, the custom says that this was to protect them from evil forces.

As you will have understood, Slovakia is a country rich in customs and traditions. So for your internship in Slovakia, it’s right here!