Come and discover with us the local customs in Taiwan. Taiwan is located 160 km from the Chinese coast, in the western Pacific Ocean. In its modern cities you will find ancient Chinese temples and recent buildings of the 21st century. You will be able to appreciate the kindness and warmth of the locals. Come on, let’s go for the few local customs in Taiwan that you will discover during your internship in Asia!

Puppet shows

These shows are as popular with tourists as they are with Taiwanese. The story is accompanied by gong and drumming, and the puppets are dressed in original costumes.

Taiwanese Opera

It brings together local dialects, songs of extraordinary beauty, highly made-up faces and great mobility on stage. The plays are not performed exclusively on stage. You can find performances in temples, at the cinema or on television.


They are used to seeing tourists smoking (especially Westerners). But they never smoke in public. Taiwanese people will always offer you a cigarette before lighting theirs. Don’t say that the smoke bothers you or that they shouldn’t smoke: it’s very rude! Taiwanese people smoke like the French drink wine, en masse. If you smoke during your internship in Taiwan, you will feel totally in your environment.

Local pharmacies

During your internship in Taiwan, you will be amazed at what you find in local pharmacies. No white pharmacies with creams or medicines arranged on long shelves, but full of plants and minerals with unique virtues, animal-based medicines. Among the unusual medicines are cinnabar and amber to calm the nerves; peach nuts and thistle oil to stimulate blood circulation; bear bile to soothe and calm pain; Chinese mahuang ephedrine to stimulate sweating; not forgetting ginseng to improve heart function.

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