Thailand or otherwise known as the “Land of the White Elephant” or even the Land of Smiles is a country with a great quality of life. International Horizons offers you the opportunity to go on an internship abroad, we give you the different local customs in Thailand.


Travel adaptor
All high-end locations have sockets where you can plug in almost any electrical appliance from Australia, Europe, the UK and the US.

Land of smiles
Thailand’s nickname says it all! Thailand is among the friendliest nations in the world and they are always willing to help a foreigner.

You can find massage parlours everywhere ! On the beach, in the street, day and night… And they are very cheap… In some places 5 euros for a 60 minutes Thai massage.

People’s heads
Don’t bite a Thai’s head off during your internship in Thailand, it’s sacred in Thai culture 😉

Take off your shoes
An essential tip for Thailand is to remove your shoes when asked. It is a rule of etiquette to leave your shoes outside a local house, small shops or authentic restaurants.

Bottled water
Bottled water costs next to nothing, so it’s wise not to risk getting sick during your internship in Thailand and spending a few cents on bottled water.

The buses
Don’t be surprised if the local bus drives with the doors open! The local buses stop wherever you need them to! Just ask the driver and he’ll let you off; it’s very simple and useful.

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