Turkey is a great choice for your internship abroad, but you want to know more? Local customs in Turkey! Hadi gidelim!

Another idea of personal space 

Turks stand closer to you than you might be used to, so don’t be uncomfortable, it just takes a little time to get used to it. 

Fresh bread  

In Turkey, it is considered that every meal must be accompanied by fresh bread, young Frenchman, you will not be lost! You can find it everywhere  

Enlevez vos chaussures

Turks like to keep their houses clean! Take off your shoes and put on mules before entering a house. Pro tip: Look before a door if you see shoes, this is where you should take them off. 

Eye Contact 

It is important to look the other person in the eye when you speak: it shows sincerity.

Be careful with your hands 

Avoid putting your hands on your hips or in your pockets when talking to someone or your manager, it is disrespectful. 

The ? is avoided.

This gesture does not mean OK, but a severe insult 

Gold at weddings

It is traditional to give gold at weddings, as gold does not lose its value, unlike money.  

Proper dress required 

As in all Muslim countries, it is customary (and above all respectful) to cover up and dress decently when visiting places of worship open to the public. 

Respect for elders  

Turks give a lot of space to their elders, besides adding a prefix before addressing them, they can also stand up when they enter a room. You can imagine, and this is basic, but give up your seat on public transport.

The bill please  

It is not common to share the bill in Turkey, usually the one who invites pays. It’s up to you to remember this and pay next time 🙂 

You are now ready to blend in during your internship in Turkey, and if you want to go and experience it: just contact us!