Malta, the next destination for an internships abroad?

You have to do an internship and you want to leave your country? fly for an internship abroad in a Mediterranean country.

Internship in Malta

Do his internship on an island, beautiful isn’t it? International Horizons give you the chance you to enjoy the Mediterranean climate after your working hours. You want to swim in this beautiful turquoise water and enjoy these beautiful beaches, this destination is for you! So much beautiful things are waiting for you there so come and do your internship in Malta.

Internship in Croatia

An internship in Malta do not suit you? You can also bask in the sun and enjoy the beautiful lakes connected by beautiful waterfalls in Croatia. Come and party on the whole Croatian coast after your working hours.

Internship in Slovenia

Always in the Mediterranean lands, you can do your internship in Slovenia where good atmosphere and warm climate are waiting for you. Many areas such as communication, marketing, tourism and more are at your disposal, so what are you waiting to leave!

That’s it ? you want to leave? You know what you have to do so do not hesitate to contact the Team !