Malta VS Cyprus: both of them are European countries and Mediterranean islands. In few lines and after a little reading you will get to know the coolest place where you can go make your internship in Europe!

Let’s go!

Malta is a small English-speaking island- well 8 to be honest! –  it is a crossroads of European and African cultures: this multicultural influence is so evident in local’s lifestyles as well as in its multi-coloured and unusual architectures

Cyprus is an island as well where Greek and Turk are spoken. It has been for a long time a result of contention, the two cultures have been coexisting perfectly and starting from 2016 the local authorities have been considering a reunion of the island as well as the creation of one and same territory.

Malta VS Cyprus: 1st match

Are you passionate about culture, discovery or religion? Then welcome to Malta where you can stay the whole year and discover everyday a different church! Actually Malta has 365 churches, nothing more! And on Gozo Island you can find Ggantija Island: the world’s oldest erected monument! So even if Cyprus is rich of culture, Malta takes largely the advantage here.

Malta VS Cyprus: 2nd match

Enjoy a language study at a low price: Malta is an English-speaking country. In addition, its only two hours away by plane from the west of Europe! So it is an occasion to improve your English with an internship together with a spirit of vacation: after your internship, you can go chill at the beach under the sun… you will not have to cope with the greyness of London to be able to learn English!

Malta VS Cyprus: 3rd match

Low unemployment rate and GDP per capita is high: Cyprus is one of the countries with the highest living standard in the European Union! Surprised? Not a Nordic country, this island has one of the best living standard in Europe together with Czech Republic and Estonia!

2/3! Malta wins the match, if you are looking for more information on its capital or if you want to go make an internship in Malta then start from here à ?