Malta, the European start-up ! If the world of startup is an area that attracts you to do your internship abroad, then I propose this article. Doing an internship in startups is an opportunity to have a close relationship with your colleagues and to feel integrated very quickly.

As a member country of the European Union, Malta is a stable country, both in terms of security and law. In Malta, there are many tax advantages and so a lot of startups are implanting and developing. The opportunity to gain experience in the field of innovation and develop your English.

There are many opportunities for internships in Malta but today I have chosen two areas: the first, in gaming, which is very well known in Malta and the second, an internship that many of you are looking for, in prospecting commercial!

 Internship in gaming

Gaming refers to everything about electronic games on PCs, consoles or mobile devices. One of the specificities of Malta is the specialization of its startups, which are very focused on gaming and online betting activities. An internship in gaming will allow you to develop your skills in this very specific area, practice English again and again, and especially make you an incredible experience during your internship in Malta. Passionate about digital, an internship in gaming within a startup will allow you to learn every day through the experience of entrepreneurs. This is an opportunity to have an internship that is fun, demanding and empowering.

 Internship in commercial prospection

Did you know that International Horizons has already found many internships in commercial prospecting in Malta with startups of madness? And each time the students are delighted. In Malta startups are numerous and diverse: in sports, in tourism, in new technologies, in crowdfunding, in gaming … There are hundreds! And with International Horizons, we do our research tailor-made, in all areas (which exist) and therefore that correspond to your expectations. Whether prospecting missions in B to B or B to C, one thing is certain, you will find your happiness.

The key to happiness is to contact us !