Mauritius, ideal english destination to become: You want the internship abroad of your dreams ? Contact us for more information on our attractive destination of the moment: Mauritius.

Mauritius, ideal english destination

Do you want to do an internship abroad while enjoying the excellent beach and its wonderful white sand? Do you want to  improve your language skills and more specifically your English? This destination we offer is for you. Moreover, if you like discovering new cultures, this island is for you. It may be the chance of your life to go on this island with International Horizons.

Expand your professional network

Going to Mauritius is not only a chance, but it will allow you to expand your professional network in a country where tourism is one of the main activities of the Island. Having a professional network nowadays is crucial and important for the development of your personal projects as well as for your needs.

Internship with International Horizons, a difference guaranteed

From the end of your studies, when will come the long-awaited moment of looking for work, you will confront the law of competition. More and more people redouble their imagination through their application with a creative and original resume. Thanks to us, you will have a candidacy accompanied by a good experience in Mauritius. You will not have to ask yourself the question of your level of English on your resume. So you can use our organization to find an internship abroad.

Need information ? Do not hesitate to contact us regarding the internship requests abroad and more particularly in Mauritius, you can contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions and find you the best of internships in the world. Mauritius, ideal english destination