Mexico vs. Peru: this is the match of the week that International Horizons has in store for you. The last straight line before finding your internship and these two destinations are fighting for you! Enjoy!

This week, two countries from America, on one side Mexico and on the other side Peru. Mexico is a country bordering the Gulf of Mexico and the Pacific Ocean. It is located in Central America and is characterized by its tourist activity.

Peru, a country surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and the Latin countries, is distinguished by its history, particularly that of its civilization (the Incas) and its extraordinary landscape.

Mexico vs. Peru: Match 1
Are you looking for a country where dynamism guides your internship? Then opt for Mexico which offers a cultural and festive life with Cancun or the capital Mexico City! Conversely, Peru is quieter but also offers several festivals!

Mexico vs Peru : Match 2
Mexico and Peru have similar landscapes. Both countries can be proud to have an exceptional cultural richness thanks to their respective civilizations: Mayas and Incas. From Machu Picchu to the Andes Cordillera, the view is magnificent and it will dazzle you.

Mexico vs Peru : Match 3
To find an internship, the difference is clear. Mexico being a stable country and the 11th world power, finding an internship is child’s play. Indeed, thanks to the many sectors of activity it offers you many opportunities. On the other hand, Peru is in the background. The need to have local contacts is an important element in the search for an internship.

Mexico vs. Peru: Match 4
Are you passionate about fajitas, wrestling, or Mexican music? This country was made for you. If you wish to do your training course on the sound of the maracas while discovering the Mexican culture, no hesitation possible, go for it!

To sum up, despite the beauty of the landscapes of Peru and all its historical buildings, Mexico remains the best possibility to do an internship abroad! If you wish to do an internship in Mexico, do not hesitate to contact the International Horizons team. And then fly to this incredible country.