You want to do your internship in a Latin American country but you don’t know which one to choose? Come and discover these two destinations in our match Mexico VS Uruguay!

Like its capital, Mexico is a cosmopolitan, vibrant, diverse and fascinating country. It is a mythical land, which evokes adventure, revolution and joyful and colourful celebrations.

Uruguay is a true haven of peace where festivities and tango reign, where bitterness seems to exist only in mate, the national drink, will make you travel!

So how to choose between its two sun-rich destinations? We reveal all to you!

Mexico VS Uruguay : Match 1
Are you a foreigner? Perfect! Mexico will welcome you with open arms. Over there, the mere fact of being a foreigner will attract the sympathy of Mexicans, this curiosity is called “malinchismo”, so enjoy it! Uruguayans count on you to stay friendly and open as long as you stay open to their cultures.

Mexico VS Uruguay: Match 2
If you are adventurous and wish to discover all the regions of your new adopted land, Uruguay is the place for you! Indeed it is the smallest country in South America, so much so that crossing the country from north to south by bus takes no more than seven hours, it is also called “the Switzerland of America”! In Mexico, on the other hand, with its 31 states, it is impossible to discover them all in a short time…

Mexico VS Uruguay: Match 3
Your budget’s a little tight? In Mexico life is 48% cheaper, a dinner costs on average less than 10 € in a restaurant, enough to make you happy! In Uruguay it’s a little more expensive, 12% less than in France…and in terms of accommodation it’s still more expensive than in France!

Mexico VS Uruguay : Match 4
How about their capital? Mexico City is THE city to visit, immense, overflowing with life, intoxicating…there is no shortage of qualifiers to describe Mexico City, capital of Mexico and third largest city in the world with more than 20 million inhabitants! Montevideo, the capital of Uruguay is quieter, it’s a small city where admiring the architecture and the flowered spaces remain the main activities.

Mexico VS Uruguay: Match 5
Mexico is an emerging country, the unemployment rate is low and wages are harmonious, especially between men and women! Many foreign subsidiaries are established there, you can find Danone, Air France or France Telecom. In Uruguay the market is very different, it is more difficult to find work and above all well paid!

Uruguay is great for traveling but for an enriching professional experience there is nothing like going to Mexico! Contact us for more information!

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