My internship sucks, what do I do? You have chosen to do an internship in Europe or an international internship to develop your professional skills, improve your language skills and get out of your everyday life. Problem, you don’t like your internship. Don’t panic, several solutions exist! I will give you some advice for your internship abroad.

First of all try to find out what is wrong with your internship. If it’s the assignments, if it’s the field that doesn’t suit you or if you can’t fit in with the company.

“My assignments suck.”
You had marked on your convention some very specific assignments and your boss gives you the trainee assignments #coffee #photocopier #household. Above all, don’t get too excited and try to talk to him or if you are afraid to go and talk to him, confide in the person with whom you are closest in the company.

If your missions correspond to your agreement but that does not correspond to you and that you would like to do something else then talk about it around you. Don’t let yourself get tired of it. Companies are very understandable and often expect trainees to be pro-active.

“This field is not for me”
You chose a particular field or type of business you wanted to discover and in the end it’s not for you. Think of an internship as an opportunity to discover an unknown field and also as an opportunity to develop skills that you will be able to use for the benefit of other companies in the future. An internship prepares you for the future. And, since skills are transversal to several fields, it is never a waste of time.

“I can’t fit in with the team.”
You’ve been with the company for several weeks and you can’t fit in. Language is a big barrier for you and you don’t dare to reach out to others. On the contrary, companies love new recruits from abroad and especially love the French accent. Tell yourself that this is a real opportunity for you so you don’t care if you are not fluent, on the contrary, talking with others will help you more than you think.

Maybe it’s also about people: an intrusive manager, an obnoxious boss. Unfortunately, you don’t know that until you get there. And here, the advantage of going with us is that we’ll make arrangements with your school, and we’ll change your company. You must not stay with a manager / boss who would be harmful, the purpose of an internship abroad is to kiffer, not to depress!

And above all, if you go abroad for an internship with International Horizons, the team is always there to help you even on the spot during your internship! You can contact us whenever you want and we will do our best to find a solution as soon as possible 😉

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