A European student mobility experience, whether during a course of study or not, is an important vector for bringing new personal and/or professional skills. Organising a student mobility abroad can be done as early as high school. European mobility

Why organise student mobility?
Student mobility, whether at the age of 16 or 20, is beneficial for young people who benefit from this experience abroad. During a group placement, there is already the intercultural aspect: the discovery of new cultures, new ways of life, perhaps a different way of working. But it is also an opportunity to learn or perfect a foreign language. Whether it is English, spoken in most EU countries, Italian, German, Danish, Swedish, … A student mobility will leave your students/learners with a lasting memory and the promise of new skills acquired.

Cultural or professional stay?
The possibilities are numerous! A cultural stay will be more about discovery, learning about a culture. This can be done by putting local students in contact with external students, by visits to selected companies in the area, by cultural outings or recreational activities. A professional stay will have, already, the professional experience in addition. If you decide to send your class on an internship in a group, their CV will be all the more attractive. And their professional skills evolve in a short time! In a cultural stay or a professional stay, the high school/student will get to know the local culture for a successful apprenticeship!

ERASMUS + mobility project
It is important to involve your high school/students in the ERASMUS + project. Think that 30 years ago, doing a traineeship abroad, an apprenticeship or a voluntary service was the exception. With the creation of ERASMUS +, the opportunities to learn abroad have increased tenfold. Even with small means, it is important to involve them in the project, in the form of activities, alone or in groups! Anyone can, as long as you are a legal entity, benefit from ERASMUS + grants. Practical when organising a professional stay!

The International Horizons Team has several ERASMUS + projects that you can find just HERE. Tell us about your project, we help you write / co-write it and improve it to make it perfectly suited to you and your high school/students. Contact us!

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