After three failed attempts and 12 years after the demoralizing and disheartening loss to the London bid in 2005, Paris has finally been awarded the Olympic Games it has craved. This will be the opportunity to do your first sport cultural trip in Paris ! The 2024 Summer Olympic, officially known as the Games of the XXXIII Olympiad, will take place in Paris. It is an international multisport event and it will last from 2 to 18 August 2024.

For Paris, the wait has been considerably longer. The city last held the Olympics in 1924, meaning 2024 will mark the 100-year anniversary of its previous hosting.

It also means Paris will become the second city to hold three separate Summer Games, after London and before Los Angeles. Paris and Los Angeles were the only competitors left for those Olympic Games. The others cities : Budapest, Rome and Hambourg gave up their bid, afraid by the cost of the Games. Also, the population disagreed the bid, most of the time.

Greener and nicer

Ms. Hidalgo, co-president of Paris’s 2024 bid, has repeatedly branded the project as greener and cheaper than previous Olympic Games.

Since her election in 2014, the mayor has worked to make the city more ecologically friendly, mostly by reducing car traffic, encouraging the use of bikes and starting a plan to cut greenhouse gas emissions by 25 percent by 2020.

Bid leaders argued that their Games would be ecologically responsible, and that 95 percent of the sports venues were either already built or would be temporary. So this will be the greenest sport cultural trip you ever did !

A phenomenal cost

But, is it a really good deal for Paris and the country ?

Economists remain extremely skeptical about the benefits of these events. Since the creation of the Olympic Games, except Los Angeles 1984, none edition of those games has been profitable for the host countries, neither in summer nor in winter.

Paris’s current Olympic budget stands at 6.8 billion euros, or about $8.1 billion, with €3.8 billion for the organization of the sporting competitions and €3 billion for development and infrastructure projects.

The budget is exceeded by 179% than planned, accorting to a study realized by the researchers of Oxford University. This is an average for every host city since the Olympic Games started. Since then, the Rio de Janeiro Games have confirmed the historic trend, with exorbitant overtaking and dormant infrastructure. And the Olympics of Tokyo are announced even more spenders ….

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