What is a professionalizing stay? It is a stay that combines skills and culture. You take your students/students for a short internship period abroad. We involve certified host families and cultural events. A professionalizing stay in Malta is the opportunity to discover the southern European island where the wind of the Maghreb blows.

Multiple stays
As with all the offers we present to you, this program will also be tailor-made. To discover Malta, we can work on a complete internship program, with post-internship, a one week to ten day itinerant trip through Malta. This is the ideal way for your students to discover the whole country; small but full of surprises. Did you know that? It would take you a year, at the rate of one church a day, to visit them all.

Various courses
There are a variety of internship opportunities in Malta. Once again, rest assured that internships are tailor-made to meet the skill needs of your students. Malta offers a wide range of internship opportunities: tourism, water sports, aquaculture, cosmetics, fashion, import/export, NGOs, education and many other sectors! The country is very dynamic on the international and European scene and is gaining credibility after a brilliant presidency of the European Union.

How do we do it?
It’s easy. You contact us, via the contact page, or by phone. We make a short interview to define your project, or help you to build one. Then, we publish a free, no-obligation quote. Small precision: we need a minimum delay of one month to organize your stay in the best conditions.

If you accept the project, we move on to the serious stuff: we organize interviews with all the students / high school students in mobility to help them understand their internship. Then, we look for host families close to the place of internship; they are all visited and certified by our services.

We can also accompany you from the financing of the project, a one to two day training course for young people in mobility, as well as booking all local flights and transport.

So, to discover Valletta with your students, make them gain cultural openness and increase their skills: contact us!

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