Rémi, intern at International Horizons – his 5 favourite destinations for his internship abroad. Let’s go and reveal my top 5! *presenter’s voice* The nominees are…

Internship in Thailand
Thailand, that great country where you can stay and eat for 10€ a day. Its capital: Bangkok, which perfectly combines tradition and modernization offers you something to do between two pad thai. Impossible to miss its golden temples and its iconic Buddhas. Don’t hesitate to visit Wat pho, Wat Arun and the Royal Palace and many others. For the side a little more relaxation, the south of Thailand and its paradisiacal beaches are perfect to relax or party.

Internship in Ireland
You know Galway? This city located in the west of Ireland is very interesting because of its artistic richness and its “medieval” architecture. Moreover, Galway being a student city, is very lively at night with its many mythical pubs with the atmosphere of Irish musicians. Of course we don’t forget Dublin which, in addition to its many tourist sites, is a very good experience to live. Heading to the Temple Bar district, you can visit the pubs, taste the local beers and have a good laugh with the Irish!

Internship in South Korea
Well, you must have understood that, for me, going out with my mates over a good pint or a cocktail is a relatively popular activity. Believe me, I have not been disappointed by the drinking culture in South Korea. Not only is the alcohol cheap, but the nightlife is more than existent in some parts of Seoul. Don’t worry, I don’t just like drinking and partying in life, I really enjoy visiting historical sites and I can tell you that we are served with Korea and its fascinating history. Between the royal palace of Gyeongbokgung, the palace of Changdeokgung, the Seodaemun Prison or the famous DMZ, there’s enough to spend interesting weekends.

Internship in South Africa
Let’s go for a total change of scenery. Discover this country so rich in magnificent landscapes, its local culture and its gastronomy with international influences. Escape to the heart of the African fauna on safari to live a wonderful experience among elephants, giraffes, leopards, etc… Visit mythical monuments such as the Mandela House or the Apartheid Museum but also discover its beaches and the Cape of Good Hope.

Internship in Spain
BA-RCE-LONE. If this city is so touristically renowned, it’s not for nothing! In addition to having great tourist sites to visit (cc the Sagrada Familia). Barcelona has beautiful beaches and a nightlife that is not to be missed. Nothing better than a pint with tapas on the terrace. For Football lovers, head to the mythical Camp Nou to see the magician Leo Messi at work.

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