The schedules during your internship abroad! A little reminder since this is a big question that is asked on a regular basis. So, the first thing to know is that it differs according to the destination of your internship abroad: interns, like workers, are obliged to abide by the law of the country. In fact, it’s like when you travel: you have to respect the local law.

Time limits for an internship in Europe
Already, depending on the field of your internship in Europe (Hotel business, marketing, finance, engineering, hairdressing etc.), you will have, or not, cuts, will start sooner or later. Then, schedules will vary depending on the destination. In Finland, for example, you work early, and usually between 4 and 5 pm the day is over. The further north you go, the earlier the companies close.

In Greece, this is where you can work the most hours, up to 40 hours a week. Then in Italy, Spain, Portugal, you will be between 35 and 40 hours, depending on the city and the type of internship in Europe etc.. And in Sweden, you can have weeks only at 32H. The more you are in the South, the more you can work longer hours in summary. And let’s say it: it’s non-negotiable, it’s normal to adapt to the culture of the country.

The time amplitudes for an international internship
We offer several destinations for your internship abroad outside Europe.

Thailand 48H – Taiwan 42H – South Korea 52H – Zambia 48H – Mali 40H – Senegal 40H – Mexico 43H – Colombia 48H – South Africa 45H – Mauritius 45H — > And there, we negotiate, in general we make down between 35H and 40H per week: the goal is still to enjoy on the spot 🙂

The schedules during your internship abroad : now You Know It Snow ! For any other questions about the internships abroad, you can consult our blog, or contact us directly !

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