Sébastien – International Horizons is two years old! Hello l’ami.e, follower, young and old (my Mamie like our posts!): International Horizons is celebrating its two years, and it’s time to take stock. And, my friends know it: taking stock and writing, spelling mistakes included, is one of my great specialties. With home-cooked vegetarian steaks, of course.

International Horizons – the employment agency
Bet’s on! International Horizons has changed the landscape of employment agencies in France: all have started using the non-binding method; coincidence? Maybe, maybe not. And, above all, the great success is the purchasing power of the students: International Horizons is the cheapest placement agency in France, and others are following suit by lowering their rates. That was the goal, that’s done: next step, transfooooormation startup!

International Horizons – the startup
Okay, big guy, we’re in deep shit! First, we had to learn about WordPress, then about the different computer languages that exist. The next step: create the International Horizons platform, which – little spoiler! – we hope will allow us to lower our prices even more, and maybe even make our service completely free. But, we don’t tell you more: what will happen in September 2019? Inshallaj!

International Horizons – the European
In addition to the mobility projects in which we participate with schools in France, but also in Slovenia, Bulgaria, Greece, Macedonia, Bosnia and Spain; we are building our own project via ERASMUS + with always the same objective: to make Europe and the life of the Europeans that we are, better.

Hyphen Towards Future: the objective is to amend the Bratislava Charter to insert degrees of autonomy in the accompaniment of disadvantaged young people and to gain in efficiency, to better spend budgets and especially to accompany young people on social and professional reintegration.

ATANASOV: a single objective, to make the status of student entrepreneur equal throughout the European Union, not only to end the inequality of young people in relation to entrepreneurship, but also to enable them to create transnational projects, which defy legal barriers.

Tax Survival: 10% of 18/30 year olds who start a business fail because of bad tax management: they move too fast, and there is a lack of information and access to tax knowledge. Taxe Survival is the platform that will reference all the taxes that first time entrepreneurs face in the European Union: we solve 10% of failures in one site!

International Horizons – my experience
Easy, that’s what I sum up my entrepreneurial experience. I’m not saying that there hasn’t been, and there won’t be any more stressful moments, but I really feel accompanied and supported, whether by my friends, my family, our partners or our clients (special mention to Augustin!). I love my job, I love what I do, I love living from my work, I love building projects that I hope will make the future better. The only boring thing – sorry Yann! – is accounting. The rest is, at worst, nothing but a challenge! I hear a lot of methods that make you always want more and always faster; I think it’s essential to take your time, to do things well and bring them serenely. International Horizons is now viable, and we are now going to be able to launch other projects on a larger scale!

Pouki & Mouki, for their constancy, and take a picture of the mail every day to transfer it to me. Loïc and Nicolas (and also Arthur in Montluçon): you don’t have better bankers on Earth. Yann, for his benevolence in spite of our delay – almost psychic – for the accounting. Bruno, always reactive when needed. Janick, Elsa, Marie-Noëlle, Nonita, Gaël, Yann, Tristan, Loïc, Jacques, Raluca who are always excellent advice and support for the projects we carry. Anne, and her parents – and Paco! – Maryne, La Sauge, Camille, Dylan, Tony, Simon, Alexandre, Nolwenn, Alexia, Arnaud, Naïg, Nicolas, Sarah, Karine, Marine, Caroline, Amélie, Estelle, Servanne, Etienne, Alexis, Emilie, Fabien, Clément, Ronan, Victor, Guillaume, Valentine, Marc, Marie, Elisabeth, Mathieu, Gregory, Wawan – her sister, and her parents! – Raphaëlle, Théo, Anissa, Lucas, Thomas, Sammy, and all the others, without whom the periods of doubt would be very long, and especially for their patience. But, above all, a very big thank you to all those, without whom this adventure would not have been possible: Claire, Marie, Zénaïs, Julien, Tristan, Ophélia, Léo, Kyllian, Chloé, Annaëlle, Kérène, Alexandre, Brandon, Nada, Justine, Agathe, Amandine, Maud, Hugo, Eva (and soon Rémy!)

Thank you for your kindness, your love on a daily basis, your good mood, your jokes, your ideas and above all your unfailing motivation. Special mention to Théo, who has achieved the feat of accompanying us for a whole year! Heart with hands.

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