Senegal: new ecological challenges to be taken up! Senegal is currently suffering from an unprecedented ecological crisis that is manifesting itself on a national scale through different sectors of activity. Man has deliberately modified his living environment, thus disrupting the biosphere and biodiversity.

Ecological challenge: deforestation
Senegal has lost more than 20% of its plant resources since 1980. The desert is gradually nibbling away at the surrounding countries, and human actions are contributing strongly to deforestation. Indeed, 90% of households continue to use wood fuels for heating. The deforestation process is advancing at a rapid pace, with damage estimated at around 80,000 hectares per year, or 1% of the total forest.

In order to try to put an end to this scourge, tree planting actions are being put in place. Projects to combat desertification aim to help the inhabitants of areas invaded by sand.

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Ecological challenges to take up: waste sorting and recycling
The health conditions in which the Senegalese people live are alarming. Domestic waste management is a real environmental problem, as the soil is littered with rubbish. Faced with this environmental disaster that threatens the health of the population, new ecological challenges must be taken up!

A rubbish dump has been set up and a rubbish collection service has been set up, innovative initiatives that are not enough if an awareness campaign is not carried out!

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