Senegal VS Côte d’Ivoire: it’s the match of the week! You have the desire to help others, to get involved in a country that needs you? Go on a humanitarian internship!

Senegal is a country that will offer you another richness, not material but human! So, a trip to Senegal is a real portal to discover a people and the Other. Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, this country offers you a landscape bathed in exoticism with its beaches and its abundant natural wealth.

Seen from below, the Ivory Coast will strike you violently with its socio-cultural, economic and architectural contrasts. Between the hyper-modernism of certain districts of Abidjan, the neo-classicism of Yamoussoukro and the traditional habitat of remote villages, such as those of the Yacouba countries in the Man region, or Sénoufo on the Korhogo side, there is a chasm!

Want to know the fundamental differences between these two countries? Then come and discover our match Senegal VS Ivory Coast!

Senegal VS Ivory Coast : Match 1
In Senegal you will be dazzled by its landscapes, which you will find nowhere else! Its national parks, such as the Djoudj, north of Saint-Louis, rich in birds of all kinds, its islands, not to mention the Casamance, a region still too little known to the general public, where you can get lost with delight in a network of bolongs, in the mangrove swamps. With the green ecology of the south-western forest, the white of the coastal beaches in the south and the straw yellow of the eastern savannahs, Ivory Coast will dazzle you with its contrasts!

Senegal VS Ivory Coast : Match 2
Senegal experiences some climatic variations depending on the region, but in general, the Senegalese climate is mild. The temperature in the west of the country, which is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, is cooler than in other places, ideal for you if you are not used to hot weather! In Ivory Coast it is much more humid…The rainy season runs from May to November, the rest of the time the atmosphere remains moist and heavy, with often cloudy skies and sometimes rainfall. The temperature is around 30°.

Senegal VS Ivory Coast : Match 3
What about the difficulties of his countries? In Côte d’Ivoire, it must be said that the majority of the population faces food insecurity, which leads to infant mortality. Malnutrition and disease are unfortunately devastating. In Senegal, part of the population also suffers from food and health problems, but the country remains more stable.

Senegal VS Ivory Coast : Match 4
You only speak French? Perfect! In Senegal it’s THE official language. 37% of the population is French-speaking and this population is only growing, + 15% in 5 years! The second language spoken is “Wolof”. In Ivory Coast, the official language is French, 34% of the inhabitants understand it, however almost 70% of the Ivorian population speaks an African language, and there are more than 112! You will have understood it it is in Senegal that you will be best understood.

You will have understood it if you want to live a human adventure while enjoying the sumptuous landscape, go to Senegal! You still have questions? Contact our team to go on a humanitarian internship in Senegal!

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