You wish to have a cultural and human experience while using your skills to help a country? Read our match Senegal VS Morocco and you will make your humanitarian internship project come true!

With a stay in Senegal, you will discover an atmosphere of mutual aid and a setting where palm trees and acacias are kings. The country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and has an incomparable natural wealth. A stay in Senegal and you will be conquered by Africa!

Morocco is a land of contrasts, sublime landscapes between sea and mountains, nature and wide open spaces, cities evolving around tourism. It is the ideal place to combine your desire for discovery and your willingness to make yourself useful!

Still undecided? Continue our match Senegal VS Morocco and build your project!

Senegal VS Morocco : match 1
The language spoken in Morocco is Arabic even though French and Spanish are languages spoken by a minority of the population, which will cause you some communication problems if you don’t master the basics of Arabic. If you only speak French, we advise you to go to Senegal! Indeed over there it is THE official language, and yes more than 1/3 of the population is French-speaking and this is only increasing!

Senegal VS Morocco match 2
And what does it look like in terms of difficulties for these countries? Although Morocco shows promising potential for progress within a rather favourable business climate, many major challenges remain to be met. Economic growth, social development, and education are the major problems. In Senegal, the population is faced with food insecurity which leads to infant mortality in addition to the lack of drinking water…They need you!

Senegal VS Morocco : Match 3
The country is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean and enjoys a mild climate, although this differs from region to region. If you are not used to hot weather, the west of the country will be ideal for you, because the weather is cooler there! In Morocco the climate remains similar with a hot summer and a mild winter, however temperatures can seriously drop, especially at night.

Senegal VS Morocco : Match 4
Inverting yourself is obviously your goal, but the beauty of the country is also part of your experience! Warm and hospitable Senegal is a crossroads of ethnic groups and traditions, land of Wolof. It abounds in natural sites of great beauty, parks and reserves. In Morocco the landscape is more contrasted, from desert plateaus to lush plains. You will find its old Cherifian palaces surrounded by magnificent gardens.

You will have understood that Morocco is good for holidays but if you really want to make yourself useful and enjoy a human experience Senegal is for you! If you still have questions about your humanitarian trip contact us!

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