ERASMUS + mobility success story
Expatriation with ERASMUS + is now very popular among students. For an internship, a year or semester university exchange, a work-study program, a cultural stay, there are several possibilities for mobility abroad. Here are a few keys to help you make your mobility a success!

Preparation and necessary papers
Prepare your application for the organization you want to go with. For ERASMUS +, for example, it takes some time to put together the file; you need a solid file to increase your chances! Why not prepare yourself for language tests such as TOEIC, TOEFL, BULATS, and also apply for your International Student Card (ISCI), which can offer you many advantages (like the French student card): discounts, cinema tickets, …

Also remember to check the validity date of your identity card, and if it is outside the European Union: you will need a valid passport. A VISA may be necessary outside the EU, depending on the duration of your mobility. Cancel your telephone, internet, transport, etc. subscriptions for the duration of your departure. It would be silly all these useless expenses!

Some documents for your ERAMUS + mobility
If you prepare all your papers before you leave, it’s all the more reason to leave with a peaceful mind. It’s (almost) sure to eliminate most problems when you arrive at the place.

-ID card (passport if outside the EU)

-Internship agreement

-Copies of diplomas

-Airline tickets

-VISA (possibly)

-European Health Insurance Card (strongly recommended if you get sick or have any health problem)

I also advise you to scan documents and put them on a USB key, or send them to your email address: that way, you will always have your documents in case of loss!

A little help with financing
You can get help quite easily: a lot of scholarships are available! Regional, national, ERASMUS + scholarships. The scholarship you get generally depends on your destination and then on your situation: you will not have the same budget in Romania as in Norway!

The OFAJ (Franco-German Youth Office) also grants scholarships to some French students. Do you want to do an internship abroad as part of the Eurodyssey programme? A monthly grant will be paid to you. Explore all avenues of funding!

We can help you organise your European mobility and give you the best possible advice to make your cultural, linguistic or internship/internship stay as smooth as possible! Reach us here 😉

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