Art internship in Taiwan
You may have noticed behind your high-tech devices “Made in Taiwan” but this country tells you absolutely nothing (you just know it’s in Asia). To sum up, it’s a bit like China’s Belle-Île-en-Mer, except that it’s called Taiwan.

In reality, it’s a small island that’s well worth the detour! It’s about the size of Brittany, and offers a lot of contrast. Imagine this island country covered with 70% of vegetation, crossed by one of the largest mountain ranges in East Asia, beautiful cliffs and modern cities as possible …

You won’t have time to be bored or homesick: there are about 100 higher education institutions, which is about 500,000 students, and you can make friends if you go on an internship. Also the island has many museums and libraries. The Hwa Kang museum, known for its folklore and modern art exhibitions, the sumptuous national palace museum presenting important collections of Chinese art (including some from the Forbidden City). And of course other museums explaining the habits and customs of the locals in the provinces. And if you want more you can always discover the traditional Chinese temples. Or even marvel at Taipei 101 (a 500-metre high tower in the shape of bamboo)!

You will have understood it, art circulates quite a lot in the country. It is also known for its festivals: the dragon ship festival, and the famous lantern festival. Or its lively night markets! To take a break from all these festivities, you can relax in one of the many spas that the island of Formosa has to offer.

It’s up to you to contact us to sail to this enchanted island of culture and festivities!

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