Do you feel the need to discover new horizons? If for you combining professional and cultural experience is a strong point for your future, read our match Taiwan VS Denmark and you will know your next destination!

Taiwan, this unique country where traditional temples and futuristic skyscrapers merge will be a real eye-catcher! Taiwan is a surprising island by its nature, its gastronomy, its people, its history and its arts.

Denmark, the smallest of the Scandinavian countries is also the most southern, in its geographical position as well as in its soul. This country of water, situated between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea and surrounded by a hundred or so islands has nothing to envy.

Are you still hesitating? Continues our match Taiwan VS Denmark

Taiwan VS Denmark: Match 1
Are you fluent in English? In Denmark English is THE language used in the business world, and you’re lucky that’s also the case in Taiwan! But of course if you are motivated to learn Danish or Taiwanese, it will always be a plus!

Taiwan VS Denmark : Match 2
Denmark has a full employment market, and yes, they have beaten unemployment! Whether you are in oil engineering, pharmaceuticals, IT, trade or tourism you will find a company! In Taiwan the market is just as dynamic, whether you are in translation, education or tourism you will find what you are looking for! In addition, some major French companies have set up there and are looking for specific skills (engineers, graphic designers, computer scientists…).

Taiwan VS Denmark: Match 3
We know you’re going to work, but the pleasure of the eyes is part of the trip! In Denmark you can enjoy bucolic walks where you will discover lush green forests and islands that cut the sulphur out! In Taiwan you will be able to admire caves and heavenly beaches, mountain lakes and the skyscrapers of Taipei, a stay in nature and culture awaits you, in its temples and night markets!

Taiwan VS Denmark: Match 4
How’s the food situation? Taiwan is a paradise for gourmets! Their gastronomy is excellent, surprising and cheap. There is also the best bakery in the world, yes! But Denmark has almost nothing to envy to Taiwan…the best restaurant in the world was in Copenhagen for more than 4 years! however it is true that the price of gastronomy is much more expensive.

Taiwan VS Denmark: Match 5
If you also want to take the opportunity to make beautiful encounters go to Denmark! Its inhabitants are the nicest and most friendly people in Europe, always there to help you, you will be welcomed there like in your own family. Ps: they are never the last to toast either. The Taiwanese count on them to show an impressive open-mindedness, curious and generous, you will quickly make encounters. Unfortunately its features tend to dissipate arriving in the big cities!

In other words, if you go to Taiwan or Denmark you won’t be disappointed! Each country has its assets, so it all depends on you! if you still have questions, contact us!

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