Taiwan vs Mongolia: it’s the fight of the week between Asian countries! Taiwan is a country that belongs to the republic of China. Between gastronomy and cultural discoveries, the country gathers a know-how and local specialities. Mongolia is also a country in Asia. It is known for its vast Mongolian empire but also for its change of scenery with its many mountains.

Are you interested in discovering an Asian country? These two countries are an opportunity for you. On the one hand, a total change of scenery in Mongolia and on the other hand discover a new gastronomy in Taiwan.

Taiwan vs Mongolia: match 1

In love with food? Taiwan is the country to visit. With its many specialties, the country will make you discover sensations like you’ve never known before (xiao long bao which is a variety of wheat ravioli or tapioca pearl tea with a mix of fruity tea and milk). In Mongolia, the diet is based on more traditional foods from livestock farming.

Taiwan vs. Mongolia: match 2

Then the night life is radically different: in Mongolia it is much quieter than its rival. Indeed, among Mongolians stargazing in the Gobi desert is the main attraction! Whereas in Taiwan the party is in the front row with many festivals.

Taiwan vs Mongolia: match 3

To continue, the landscapes: draw between the 2 countries which abound in magnificent landscapes, from the Taroko Gorge in Taiwan to the Gobi desert in Mongolia. These 2 countries are truly tourist attractions not to be missed under any circumstances.

Taiwan vs Mongolia : match 4

On the question of modernization, Taiwan won the duel hands down, thanks in particular to the dynamism of the capital Taipei. The main tower of the city is the second largest in the world and clearly deserves a detour (more than a hundred restaurants and shops are grouped together in the tower). In addition, the city is modernizing very quickly, through the development of its tertiary sector by offering many services.

Taiwan vs Mongolia: match 5

Finally, on the inhabitants’ side, the warm welcome of the locals is one of the main reasons for the visit of these 2 countries. With its unrivalled security, Taiwan stands out for the ease of communication between inhabitants and foreigners.

In short, if you liked the country, don’t hesitate one second longer and go to Taiwan, the welcome of the locals and the sense of cooking is second to none. Contact us to find your internship in Taiwan easily!

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