Fancy a trip to the Asian countries? Come and discover South Korea and Taiwan, two charming destinations combining dynamism and exoticism. Follow our match Taiwan VS South Korea!

Taiwan, an island like no other: Situated in the China Sea, Taiwan perfectly symbolizes the alliance between a rich continental history, colonial past and extreme modernity. Nicknamed “Formosa” – the beautiful one – by Portuguese sailors, it reveals itself between landscapes of rice terraces, bamboo forests and mountains with steep cliffs!
South Korea: This Far Eastern country has developed contacts with the West and has emerged as a tourist destination. The ancestral art of living coexists there carefree with the most unbridled modernism. Not forgetting the superb landscapes which punctuate the country and which have also contributed to forging its identity: nature fascinates, especially the mountains.

So why should you do your internship in Taiwan rather than South Korea? We tell you everything!

Taiwan VS South Korea: Match 1
If you’re a bon vivant, there’s no doubt Taiwan is the place for you! Whether it is for its excellent, clean and cheap gastronomy or its night markets, you will be able to taste typical dishes in each market, for the most curious, snake dishes will delight you! In South Korea rice is the main dish, you can’t miss the kimchi (or macerated vegetables) omnipresent in every dish! In other words if you are vegetarian go to South Korea and for the greedy go to Taiwan!

Taiwan VS South Korea : Match 2
You dream of developing your artistic side, only one destination is open to you, Taiwan. It is the capital of Modern Art in Asia. You can explore its art galleries or stroll through its many temples and museums. In South Korea, the art scene is beginning to develop. Seoul has many museums and foundations just waiting to be admired.

Taiwan VS South Korea: Match 3
Are you on a tight budget? No worries in Taiwan it’s cheap! You’ll pay on average 25% less than in France. In South Korea, on the other hand it’s more expensive, Seoul is one of the 10 most expensive capitals in the world. Food is 60% more, so beware for the bon vivants, it’s to be avoided!

Taiwan VS South Korea : Match 4
As far as employment is concerned, in South Korea electronics, advanced technologies and the automotive industry are professions that are recruiting. However the authorities tend to limit the number of foreign workers on their territory, too bad for you! In Taiwan the market is open and quite protective, if you are a graduate you will find a job soon enough. The country is full of national or multinational companies that are looking for qualified workers! If you are addicted to electronics you will find your happiness, the biggest companies are based there.

Taiwan VS South Korea: Match 5
How about we talk about the scenery? In Taiwan there are no factories as far as the eye can see, far from it… on the contrary, Taiwan has a great variety of landscapes, be it the beach, the tropical islands where you can go diving, or the mountains. One of the prettiest places to see in Taiwan is Sun Moon Lake, a lake located in the center of the country and surrounded by tropical forests. In South Korea it is the mix between tradition and modernism that prevails. On the other hand if you hate karaoke, it’s at the sink, it has become the national entertainment!

You will have understood for a short stay South Korea is nice, but for a longer stay or for a training course, Taiwan is the best! No more hesitation, contact us!

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