Taiwan vs Tajikistan: find the best internship destinations abroad!

Taiwan is the bomb! Capital of Modern Art in Asia, it is a very dynamic island in the Pacific that is still experiencing a real economic boom. Above all, to learn English in Asia, it’s top. Indeed, the population speaks excellent English.

Tajikistan is nice: mountainous country of Asia and formerly in the USSR, the country still has difficulty to raise its economy. It is rich in natural resources. Moreover, it is the only country in West Asia where Turkish does not dominate, but rather Iranian, and secondly, Russian!

Why is it better to do his internship abroad in Taiwan, rather than in Tajikistan?

Taiwan vs Tajikistan: match 1
Taiwan is the capital of Modern Art in Asia. And it will still be more fun to take a night trip to the many art galleries of Taipei, rather than to the cotton fields of Dushanbe! By the way, Taiwan is going to host the International Video Art Exhibition in 2017: an excellent reason to go and do your internship on the island of Taiwan!

Taiwan vs Tajikistan : match 2
Unlike Tajikistan, Taiwan is one of the four Asian dragons: and that, on a resume, is quite something! Of course, for the precursor and adventurer side, it is rather Tajikistan that we should aim at … but we advise it rather on holidays! Taiwan is full of activities to do your internship abroad, and not only in Art or tourism, but also in food processing, finance, auditing or even naval.

Taiwan vs Tajikistan: match 3
BenQ, HTC, Acer, Asus, TSMC, Garmin, Giant, Merida, Evergreen: all these companies are in Taiwan! So, for an internship in nanotechnology, biotechnology or semiconductors, Taiwan is the place to be!

Taiwan vs Tajikistan: match 4
In Tajikistan, since 2016, you are obliged to choose your child’s first name from a list of 10,000 validated first names: the aim is to “de-Russify” the country and avoid the export of foreign culture. On top of that, the right of freedom of the press is not yet at its best.

Tajikistan, you’ll have understood it, it’s nice for the holidays, and even more: consult the French government website on this subject which advises against certain zones! On the other hand Taiwan, for holidays, or for an internship: it’s the best! So, no more hesitation, contact us.

If you want to read more about Taiwan, it’s there 😉