At International Horizons we love to receive your testimonials at the halfway point. Today we share with you the testimony of Teddy, who did his internship in Lithuania in May. In the middle of his BTS CI training he tells us about his experience abroad in import-export.

Is your internship in Lithuania right for you?

“My internship far exceeds my expectations. The company makes me feel like I’m as important to them as they are to me.”

It is really important to us that you feel comfortable and fulfilled during your internship abroad. This is a central point for us.

So, what’s Lithuania like?

“I liked in this country, Lithuania, and more precisely its capital Vilnius, the relationship the people have with each other, mutual help is the key word.”

It’s true that Lithuania is a country that we at the editors also appreciate very much, moreover if you reader, want to know more about this beautiful country of Europe, do not hesitate to browse the category Lithuania of the blog ?.

Tell me, would you come back to International Horizons to find your internship abroad, if you had to do it again?

“If I had to do it again, I would leave through International Horizons without hesitation, my internship was found in a more than acceptable time frame (less than a month), and the quality of the internship found is there!”

If you also want to do an internship in Lithuania, don’t hesitate to contact us, it’s without any obligation ?

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