Hello ! New testimony from Malta, the Mediterranean island where life is good! And especially do his internship. François, a student from the Rennes School of Business, is doing an internship in marketing agency! 3 min for 3 questions, here we go:

New testimony from an internship in Malta

Hello Chloe, Your internship, does it answer what you expected? Yes, yes and again yes. To be honest, he responds even more to what I expected. The services offered by my company are qualities, the missions are interesting and my colleagues are all very nice.

What did you like in your new country? Maltese multiculturalism is incredible! Every day I meet people of very different origins (mainly Europeans but also Asian and Latin American), it’s great! It would be difficult not to mention also the sun, the sea and the heat in what I like here, it gives the impression of being daily on vacation, it changes of Brittany!

And if you had to do it again, would you go through International Horizons? Pourquoi ? Why? Por qué? Perched? Leaving with International Horizons guarantee to find THE internship abroad matching to your expectations. The question is not “if” I had to do it again because I have another internship to perform during my third year of school and that I intend to call on Sebastien and Marie again. Why not discover northern Europe or venture into Asia! François 🙂

If you also want to share your internship experience abroad with the International Horizons team and future students, do not hesitate to contact us mate !