Many students went abroad this summer for internships, and we continue to receive many testimonials from all over the world, and we love that. Here, Salomé, an Arts student, tells us about her internship in Taiwan. She was a fan of Asian culture and designs of all kinds, so naturally, she turned to an internship in design in Taiwan. And after a few days of research, we found her internship in the studio, in the design department.

“Thank you so much for the opportunity you gave me! I am sincerely grateful! During the internship, I was able to work on the structure of presentations and the research process in order to be more precise in communicating an idea.

In general in the country I enjoyed listening to the Chinese language, looking at the Chinese signs in the streets, looking at the adorable faces around me, the delicious food, the heat in the evening and morning, the little cats under the cars, the wind in my hair on a scooter, the street atmosphere, I really felt like I was inside a movie! I’m just waiting to go back to Asia as soon as possible! »

If you also want to do your internship in Taiwan, contact the team, and we will work out your internship project abroad with you.