Testimony of Thomas B. – Humanitarian internship in Senegal! Kikou to everyone ! Yesterday, we received the testimony of Thomas, who left at the end of 2019 for a humanitarian internship in Senegal. How to combine humanitarian and pro? Simple: Thomas, in STAPS, wanted to combine education and sport, by proposing new activities for the young people of the association. His testimony is just below!

Is your internship what you expected?

My internship within the association met my expectations on all points: I was able to link my current school education with the various projects I was able to carry out there, particularly on educational, managerial and communication levels.

What did you like in your new country?

First of all, the mentality of the Senegalese people, this warm, welcoming spirit. Sharing and mutual aid are their two main qualities. Secondly, the culture, which came as a big shock to me, as I’ve never travelled outside Europe. I got used to it at all levels, as much on the languages as on the cuisine, the way of life… The climate is also an asset for me, coming from Brittany.

The best experience for me during this trip was on a social level: meeting so many extraordinary people, generous, with their heart on their hands.

And if you had to do it again, would you go back through International Horizons? Why would you do that? Why?  Piggy? Perched?

Not for Senegal, but surely for another country, of course! Because when you’re studying, you don’t necessarily have the time to find this kind of internship, or you don’t have the capacities, because of the lack of network.

Thanks to you Thomas for this testimony 🙂 The team is delighted that you had a great internship experience in Senegal.

If you also want to do a humanitarian internship, don’t hesitate to contact us here, the team is waiting for your CV! 🙂