International Horizons answers the 10 questions you ask us the most in interviews! You will know everything you need to know to prepare your search for an OKLM bru’ internship. Reading, it’s going!

1) How long does it take you to find an internship abroad?
As we do a tailor-made search, the time it will take is different from one profile to another. So there is no average time! However, for internships in Taiwan, recruitments generally take longer. And, also for engineering internships.

2) What destinations do you offer?
We offer destinations in Europe and outside Europe. We offer UK, Spain, Taiwan, Malta, Mexico… I invite you to contact us to have more information about the destinations, or just have a look on the website 🙂

3) Do you know the destination you propose ?
You’re dealing with a team of adventurers! More than 60 countries visited in total by the team. So don’t worry: we’ve got all the good deals, so you can maximise your internship abroad.

4) Is this internship abroad paid?
That’s the question that makes you a bit angry, isn’t it? Well, if you call us at the last minute, note that it’s already more complicated to find a paid internship. Same thing if you’re leaving in less than 3 months: it’s a real drag. But if you contact us within a reasonable period of time, if you already have experience and if you can manage in English: it should go down well!

5) Is it necessary to have an agreement to do an internship abroad?
You are subject to local law when you leave, so it depends on the destination. On the other hand, without a French internship agreement, you can’t be covered by your student insurance.

6) Do I need a visa to do my internship abroad?
First of all, you have to know that we offer European and non-European destinations. So to do an internship abroad, you may need a visa. If you are European: no worries for Europe thanks to the EU!

7) If we have a problem, can we contact you abroad?
Of course we can, we won’t leave you alone. If you have questions that you don’t dare to ask your internship tutor, we can do it for you. If the missions do not meet your expectations, you can send a message to the team and we will find a solution. In case of emergency: no need to contact us first, you have to contact the local police/medicine! And above all, on weekends, we do not answer, except in case of emergency.

8) Do companies ask for Skype interviews?
In general, companies ask for an interview via Skype to get more information about you if your internship is at least 3 months long. And for an internship of less than 3 months, companies don’t ask for Skype, or at least rarely.

9) If the company doesn’t suit us, how does it work?
The company makes a written commitment with us about your assignments, but if they don’t match: you have to tell us that we call your asap tutor!

10) How does the payment process work?
Simply by credit card

Need information for your internship in Europe or abroad?
Following this, International Horizons has made a video explaining how to succeed in your internship interview. Don’t hesitate to contact us about applying for an internship abroad, you can contact us and we will do our best to answer your questions. 🙂

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