Are you in Czech Republic for your internship abraod ? You may see that’s there is a lot of to do in Praha ! No worries, HI Family is there to help you : discover our list, tested & approved by the team ! The best visits to do during your internship in Praha : here we are !

Notre-Dame du Týn

First point: the astronomical clock of the Church of Our Lady of Týn is a must see! A masterpiece of watchmaking! If you do not have a walk on the esplanade, there is a 70 meter super tower where you can have a panoramic view of all Praha

Saint-Charles Bridge

This is one of the emblems of the city! A sublime place that allows you to cross the Vltava in a beautiful setting! Hey, when you will be in training in the Czech Republic, think to send us your photos! ? Are name obviously comes from King Charles IV who really influenced the city. The atmosphere on the bridge is magical summer.

Praha Castle

True fortress, it’s a city in the city! The castle is still registered in the Guinness book of records because it is the largest ancient castle in the world. Architecture level you can not do more typical.

Vancelas Square

It is the place in the heart of the city, already beautiful and in addition you can make the national museum of Prague just behind! Special mention at the hotel Evropa which has a sublime facade.

Celetná Street

This is the old royal road leading to the castle, absolutely passes by when you go because the houses are really guns. Little more: the street is pedestrian, enough to enjoy quietly the iconic architecture of this street. For artists, there is also the Museum of Cubism, which is to see!

The Powder Tower

A big cubic tower built late fifteenth. This is one of the last vestiges of the ramparts of the city of Prague. The tower bears this name because it served as a deposit of ammunition.


It is the greenest district of Prague, very popular with tourists in summer. This is the old village that founded the city. It’s really cool to see, a real bucolic contrast in the city.

Here you are with an incredible list to visit ! If you want to go on internship in Czech Republic, just contact us !