Lorient’s geographical position leaves no doubt as for the city’s main economic strength : the sea. The maritime economy of Lorient, it’s right below !

The maritime economy of Lorient is growing

Lorient’s area is the second maritime employment basin in Brittany after Brest. Indeed, the maritime sector represents 16% of the jobs in the area of the city. This means around 13,500 jobs in 2016. Moreover, the maritime economy of Lorient is growing. For example, the Lorient’s fishing port Keroman is the second fishing port in France after Boulogne-sur-mer. Also, the Kergroise port is the second commercial port in Brittany.

What are the jobs in the maritime sector ?

Lorient’s maritime sector is diversified and growing, but it sometimes has trouble hiring for lack of adapted profiles or misreading of the jobs that it offers. Nonetheless, this sector represents many different fields. Indeed, you can work in naval construction, naval repairs, engineering, and the French navy. These are the fields that hire the most. But you can also work in fishing and sea products, maritime tourism, yachting (with the famous “Offshore Race”), ports management, logistics, and other maritime services.

Consequences of the financial crisis

The 2008 financial crisis affected Lorient’s economy. In terms of maritime economy, the Kergroise port’s freight decreased by 2.9%, because of the reduction of the transport of the oil and mineral products. Also, since 2009 the yachting field has suffered from the financial crisis. Indeed, 250 jobs were lost in three years in the area of Lorient, partly because 3 companies closed down.

The maritime economy of Lorient and its future

Despite the financial crisis, some maritime activities did fine. For example, the Offshore Race was essential in the well-being of the yachting economy when it was affected by the crisis. Also, the products of the sea and the naval construction were the main actors of the maritime sector when yachting was not doing so well. Let’s also write down that the maritime economy of Lorient has a great future with the use of renewable marine energies. Therefore, Lorient is going to make the most of its natural resources for a long time !