The merits of a cultural stay for students / high school students! Cultural stays abroad, whether they are organized by institutions or specialized organizations (cuckoo, that’s us ! 🙂 ) are very enriching for young people. Less popular than language stays, they nevertheless allow young people to develop and confront them with a new culture. The departure in group has the merit to reassure them, when it is their first mobility abroad.

Cultural stays abroad
Cultural stays abroad are a great plus for young people! They allow them to travel, in one or several cities depending on the program, and to change air for a few days or a few weeks. The high school or university student comes home with memories and new ideas! The very fact of being confronted with a new language, of learning it without necessarily learning it is part of the stakes of a cultural stay abroad. A cultural stay is necessarily learning, enriching and reflecting.

Whether it is a cultural stay in Milan, a cultural stay in Barcelona, or a cultural stay in Cork: anything is possible! And the cultural activities are countless: meetings with local students, company visits, visits to museums, fun group games, language courses, …

Financing your cultural stay
And of course, the financing is not totally at the expense of the establishment or even not at all! And this is also true if you are a non-contractual school. You can apply for ERASMUS+ grants as long as you are a legal entity: whether you are a school, a high school, a training centre, a university, etc…. Then, there are regional grants! The AMI for example. Depending on the type of institution, you can also apply for grants from embassies, ministries or private foundations. We, the International Horizons Team, have several ERASMUS + projects in the pipeline at the moment and can help you co-write or write your projects.

So, do you still have a doubt about the merits of a cultural stay for students/students? Yes ? It’s time to carve out the bib together! If you have any questions, just contact us or comment just below this article! See you next time 🙂

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