Hello you! If you’ve come to this very very nice blog ” Tip 2: Pass your skype interview for your internship abroad ” it’s certainly to learn how to tie your shoes like Franklin. However, dear srab, I’m offering you today to help you discover how to succeed in your skype interview for your internship abroad.

Put yourself in a quiet room
“No kidding. Yeah, no kidding. A quiet room, door closed, asking not to be disturbed. The windows are closed to prevent any sound intrusion from outside. Ideally, your computer is on a desk, facing a plain light-coloured wall: the aim is not to attack your interlocutor with an apple-green background.

Be honest
Heeeeee yes my friend! Please don’t tell a lie. During your internship, your recruiter is going to use your skills, so if you lied, two things can happen. Either you’re fired – which is the best thing that can happen to you – or you’re put in the closet and it’s going to be hell on earth until the end of your internship. So pleeeeeaaase, no lies!

Dress properly.
Correctly doesn’t mean putting on your best suit that you only put on for your great uncle’s funeral. No, dressing properly is being suited for the job you are being offered. Bank, shirt, host, t-shirt. Personally, if you apply to us in a suit, we’re on the verge of a stroke. Each field has its own style, and you have to adapt to it.

Check out our equipment.
BEFORE servicing, check that your computer is working, that it has enough battery power, and even plug it into the mains. Plus, check that your microphone is working, that your webcam is working. It’s a bit annoying when it’s not organized properly, and even more so with a jetlag!

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