Hello young intern to be! Tip 3: Know the economic realities of the target country! This is important, if not essential, before starting your search for an internship abroad. So, go on this article about families before you embark on a never-ending search for your international internship. Have fun!

Legal advice to help you find an internship abroad
Many of you want to do internships in Wolrdwilde, but first thing to check: does the country’s jurisdiction give you permission to do an internship in the target country? The first thing to think about is to check whether the trainee status exists. Then, finally, check the visa procedure! Because if there is no visa, there is no internship. No arms, no chocolate.

Remuneration, a sensitive factor in your search for an internship abroad
Hey there. Often, you want to be paid, and I understand you: it’s boring if not impossible. Already, check your salary expectations according to your CV and level of education, bearing in mind that in the world, 526,000 internships a year are done outside your own country in Europe. So the competition is strong! And, analyze a small economy of the country: to want 500 per month for an internship in Malta when the minimum wage is 470€ is IMPOSSIBLE unless you have a great CV! And, still important: France is the one and only country in the world to force companies to pay interns: Cyprus should follow soon, but that’s all. Yes, that’s all and that’s all worldwide.

Be flexible on missions, and multi-skilled
It’s about 70% of the requests: I want to work as a startup. Okay, baby. But, working in a startup is already being versatile, and accepting to do exciting tasks but also database work, and some boring stuff. Because this ecosystem is all equal, in terms of the tasks, in terms of the emotion. No fixed schedules. Few days off. In short: as a startup you’re versatile, ready to take on the world and kick ass for your internship abroad!

I hope that this advice 3: to know the realities of the target country! You will have been very useful, my friend! If you’re really struggling, come and see us, we’ll help you find your internship abroad. Kisses

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