Tips for your internship abroad in Estonia: you’ve come to the right place! Welcome to International Horizons, the international internship placement agency that will give you the right tips for your next internship in the Baltic States. Estonia is very well managed: I spent 10 days in Tallinn in 2011 – before being dropped at the airport by the way … – then, a road trip in the Baltic countries in winter the same year, and finally I went back in 2013 and 2019! Estonia, I love it. 

Tip 1: Tidy up 

A lot of a priori, in general, before leaving for the Baltic States. And yet, most of the clichés are false! Estonia is the EU country with THE BEST standard of living! Yes: high salary in relation to the cost of living, so a strong purchasing power! Our Estonian friends are far from being poor. It is also THE most technologically developed country in the European Union! A few examples? You can be an online e-citizen, Google has invested massively to create a mega campus in Tallinn, and they are also the ones who invented Skype! In short, Estonia is a country full of surprises, and the opposite of the clichés that we unwillingly convey in Western Europe. 

Tip 2: Fly away without a plane

Yes, Estonia is the right place if you want to travel : by bus you can easily go to Riga (Latvia) or Vilnius (Lithuania) for 15€ round trip, and 4H of travel ; pretty cool. But that’s not all! By ferry it’s easy to get to Gdansk (Poland), Helsinki (Finland) or Stockholm (Sweden). It’s also cheap, for 50€ return with a bunk and an evening on the ferry to make you spend the night! Establishing your internship abroad in Estonia gives you the opportunity to visit 6 other countries, for not much!

Tip 3: Profit at low cost

Estonia is not only Tallinn. It is also Lahemaa and its vast national park, or Tartu, the country’s second largest city, which is also one of the largest student cities in the Balkans. You can also take a stroll around Pirita, to relax on the beach or visit its incredible monastery. Estonia offers a variety of activities: even though the standard of living is excellent, the minimum wage is still much lower than in France; you have a very high purchasing power there, and life will seem very sweet for your banker! (Kisses Vivian & Arthur if you read this blog!)

From experience, what I have learnt from Estonia is the good life, the general atmosphere which is pleasant, the cheap life … it’s really great ! Enjoy your internship in Estonia.