Do you want to do an internship in Northern Europe? I’m attracted to the great outdoors? Denmark is on your wishlist but you’re not sure about a professional experience. Don’t worry, I’ll guide you: Tips for an internship abroad in Denmark, så kører vi!

Prepare the wallet

With an average salary of €4400 gross, the Danish lifestyle is not like that of France. The VAT is also worth getting wet: 25% on all products. In short, everything is more expensive: public transport, accommodation, food. An internship abroad in Denmark deserves to be prepared well in advance in order to anticipate this unavoidable budget part.

Get your pillow and parka ready 

In winter, it is not uncommon for the sun to set around 3pm. If you come in winter, make sure you take a vitamin C treatment beforehand as you won’t see the sun very often. As for the climate, the country is known for its strong winds and harsh winters without having too extreme temperatures.

Green is good 

Denmark is the land of green: cycling, countryside and breathtaking scenery. Enjoy it! With over 12,000 kilometres of cycle paths, cycling is a must-have for getting around and living like a Dane. Soak up the local chill culture, love of ecology and nature. 

Now you have some tips on how to go on an internship abroad in Denmark and enjoy your experience. If you want to know more or if you want to make it happen, contact us here!